9th LEAGUE vs Edenvale

There was a series of unfortunate events (sickness, business trips, general unavailability) that saw three of our regular members unable to play this week. Luckily, we had Phil Piper back from a long absence and Gabriel to lend a hand. It was to be a long trek out to the Edenvale courts through traffic thick and fast slow. Last time we played this particular team, they were unable to raise a full team and we ended up playing only 3 of them.

As it turns out that was 3 more than this time as they failed to pitch altogether. All their team members had cells phones switched to voice mail too (still waiting for a reply to the messages I left)…

So we had a couple of friendly games against their 11th A league side and among ourselves in an attempt to make the trip worthwhile. Meanwhile our 11th league was cleaning up their 11th B League on the court next door.

Final result :16 - 0