8th League “A” vs. Wendywood

Our captain was away celebrating with a meal for his daughter’s 21st birthday; plausible excuse! In steps Mike trying to impress. Bruce fresh from his Victoria Falls marathon and white water rafting survival course hits the boards first. Obviously an adjustment in sporting discipline as Bruce lost the first game trying to dot the “i” in the Sandton Properties advertising on the tin. His helicopter pilot opponent tried to repeat his winning form but came short as Bruce reeled off the next three games. Paul and Mike played on adjacent courts with two different outcomes. Paul won the first; dozed in the next two and woke up for the last two, rubber won. Mike played an oke that did not make mistakes (boring!) which belied his age; much less than half Mike’s. Mike wins the first, loses the next two then winds up in the fourth saving 8, yes 8 match points. Buoyed by his success, leaps to 14-10 in the fifth, match in the bag. Blimey, he emulates George from last week and plays like an Rsoled squared, snatching, no, rather kidnapping, defeat from the jaws of victory, can’t manage to win one more measly point, loses the next 6 points and the match. What a Checkers trolley! Mark then takes on Tinash and restores sensibility to the night and after a first game hiccup thrashes Tinash, who had contemplated playing for Chamber after last year’s summer league and probably regrets the decision. The team gets 14 valuable points, 2 more than the home game. Could have been 16 if Mike had not cotyed!

Squash Tip of the Week

If you are going to talk the ball early you have to hit it!

#1: Mark vs. Tinash, 3-1: 17-19, 15-8, 15-10, 15-6

#2: Bruce vs. Andrew, 3-1: 11-15, 15-9, 15-13, 17-15

#3: Paul vs. Sean 3-2: 15-12, 10-15, 13-15, 15-6, 15-11

#4: Michael vs. Sirbio, 2-3: 15-12, 8-15, 14-16. 17-15, 14-16

Match score: 14-7