4th LEAGUE vs Old Eds

Jeff against Toby was a 3-hour 5-stter in the making. However Jeff was still injured, but after his sterling victory last week, thought that this week would more of the same. Toby had a different idea, however and although Jeff got a game, the Old Eds courts didn’t lend themselves to playing winners. Toby picked everything up (as usual) and ran out a 3-1 winner.

Vevek on next against Greg at 2 put in a much improved performance but again was not fit enough and lost 0-3.!!

The Silver Fox, then went on against Dave Lazer knowing a 3-0 was needed to give the P……..cock a chance in the last match. A 3-0 was duly and clinically delivered.

So all the P…cock needed was a 3-0. Easy against Rob Halstead!!!!! Not quite – any loose shot and Rob put it away. Dave was running around in circles getting very tired and couldn’t play enough drops to keep Rob on the back foot. Although the P got a game and was close in the 4th, Rob closed out the match 3-1.

Match result : 5 - 12