5th League vs Old Eds

With our 4th league side having a full side for the first time in recent memory, we enlisted the help of our two ringers in the form of John and Dave. Regrettably our ringers were not on top form on the night.

Dave got on the court early before any of his team mates could see him throw away a two love lead. It was touch and go in the fourth with Dave losing it 14-16 but the wheels fell off in the fifth and his opponent ran away with it (2-3)

The other Chris went on next and despite winning the first, the next three were down hill from there. At the end of the game there was much grumbling about the tin being at least an inch too high! (1-3)

The Silver Fox then took on young William at no 1. John stormed into the lead and was looking invincible while leading at 11-9 only for Old Eds to use their old trick of turning off the lights to break the opponent’s rhythm. It worked and John didn’t win another point in the game. The next two didn’t get any better as John battled to stay in the game. After a straight sets loss, there were more grumblings, this time about demands of a gender test, just to make sure that he hadn’t been beaten by a woman. (0-3)

With the match lost, on went Captain Rich in a titanic battle to end the evening. A 6-15 hiding for Rich in the first game did not bode well but he hung in in the second to pip it 17-15. The next two games were shared to take it into the decider. It was a ding dong affair but ultimately Rich played the big points a bit better and had the luck on his side to squeak home against a very dejected Arne. (3-2)

A dismal loss was made that much more palatable by a yummy steak egg and chips.

Match result : 6 - 14