5th League vs Alberton

John went on early against Alberton’s 2nd league ringer, Gary Capell. Let’s just say that John did well to get 0 as Gary toyed with our number 1. To his credit, John managed to push Gary all the way in the third but was pipped 14-16. (0-3)

Dave went on next against young whipper snapper, Henri in a ding dong affair. In truth Dave should have done better but our Dave did his best to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Having won the fourth at a canter, 15-3, Dave was then blown away in the final game, 15-9. (2-3)

Flip’s recent rich vein of form (and a fluish captain) meant a promotion up to three, where he took on the game Kevin Morkel. Flip has seldom chased as hard as he did last night, which included losing a marathon second game 21-23. The war of attrition continued as the next two games were also shared (after Flip threw away a 13-9 lead in the third game). Fortunately Flip was able to keep the pressure on in the final game for a well deserved 3-2 win.

A rusty Captain Rich was on last against Piet Botha in the knowledge that a 3 love victory would see the match going to a points count out. The first game could have gone either way but Rich squeezed in 16-14. With the second won comfortably, John (the non-accountant) advised Rich that he couldn’t let Piet get more than 4 points in the third game. It was not to be, however, as Rich made too many mistakes but was still able to win it 15-10. Fortunately maths was never John’s strong point as Chamber still took the match by 9 points! (3-0)

Match result : 16 - 7