5thth League vs Parkview

The two ringers John and Dave again dropped into 5th lge but this week came up trumps.

Chris on first cleaned up 3-0 against a fluish opponent

Dave then took on an old Chamber member, Dave Sauermann. Dave bamboozled Dave with great boasts to take a 2-0 lead, but then the tide started turning and Dave narrowly lost the 3rd (tweaking a hammie in the process). The 4th was lost 15-1 and his team-mates were urging the P-hen to throw in the towel – what was the point – especially before the Interprov weekend. But the P-hen had other ideas, he pulled himself towards himself and comfortably won the 5th, 15-6.

The Silver Fox, trying to get fit for Interprov toyed with his opponent – lost the 1st 22-20 but then won easily in the 5th(15-13)!!!!!

Captain Rich on last with nothing to play for also played for a 5-setter and also won 3-2.

So a nice 16-pointer against the old fo Parkview

Match result : 16 - 7