6thth League vs Edenvale

After much begging and scrambling, a motley bunch of Exiles was assembled for a FAMOUS WIN (few and far between this year)

First on was Manie at 3: 0-3

Got a little taster of life in the fast lane and got bliksemed so quickly that he even forgot to sweat.

Gavin G at 2: 1-3

Has a confidence problem this year and has forgotten how to perform his sweet boast

Gavin B vs Chris Grainger at 1: 0-3

Despite 15-17 and 19-21, got a pakslae (note the Afrikaans theme)

Dirk at 4 : 3-2(he insisted on 4 as all i could get from him re playing was "tentative - i may be sick - i could be sick - smacks of a bit of hypocondria")

Nice win at the end albeit 2-0 up

4-14 and a back to the drawing board

Match result : 4 - 14