8th League “A” vs. Wendywood

Bryanston are top of the league and we know why. They are so confident that when one of their players does not perform he gets dropped to their 7th league side! Our first leg encounter was close 9-7 in their favour; this time we were not so good. Bruce scoring 66% of our points and Mike 33%!

Firstly we were kicked off the Number 1 court and relegated to the back courts. We will remember 10th league. Subsequently we were not fazed as it is closer to the bar! Mike started the night off well winning the first game in a convincing manner, to 16. Then it was down hill, the Indian oke (who had spent a couple of years in New York thus was giving hints to our marathon runners) was too good on the night. A 3-1 loss and if three more games had been played, extrapolation would predict that Mike would not even score a point!

Valiant George hit the boards next door and did not bother the scorer; lost 3 nil, although to be fair George did get to double figures in each game.

Mark took on their #1 who has not lost a game this season, a record that Mark did want to damage; but he didn’t, going down to duck. Again to be fair and that is what our patrons want to read (ask Vince Pienaar) Mark did get to double figures in each game.

Match of the night was Bruce taking on Alex. Alex one up, Alex two up, Bruce one back, Bruce two back and then the decider. The match was played in a fantastic spirit, well scored and at a frenetic pace. Unfortunately Alex got off to a good start in the last and maintained the momentum winning 3-2. Despite the loss it was Bruce’s best performance of the season.

We finished early through parallel matches and Doppio Zero had a table for 10 as the rest of the team pitched, Paul and Nic. Paul said that I should not mention their score of 3-2 in Nic’s favour, so I won’t.

Squash tip of the week:

When you hit the tin you lose a point, so don’t hit the tin!


Mark vs. David 0-3: 14-16, 12-15, 12-15

Bruce vs. Alex 2-3: 11-15, 11-15, 16-14, 15-11, 9-15

George vs. Steven 0-3: 12-15, 13-15, 12-15

Michael vs. Andre 1-3: 16-14, 13-15, 10-15, 7-15