8th League “A” vs. Chamber B

The great club derby second round played itself out on Wed.

At no 5 and first out of the hat was Fillmore vs Bowen. As a participant in this little showdown I can assure you it was memorable enough with Pete F putting up much unwelcome resistance. A good game ensued which in fairness was well balanced. However the snot snivelers captain eventually succumbed 1 -- 3.

Next up Doc Fallon and Digby at no 3. Diggers gets going like a bat out of hell and there's no stopping him. Two zip up and Doc doesn't have a clue. But he digs deep and next thing its two a piece. Then Diggers pretends to pull a muscle he doesn't even have but nevertheless plays on. Another excellent match and eventually Doc pulls it off 3 -- 2. So the snivelers are up against the ropes but not out it.

At the same time at no 4 Nick Pappa and Gavin M are also having a similar ding dong with Nick also going 2 up. But big G says this doesn't feel right losing to a Greek and a very good match develops. Next thig its 2 all and Pappa must make a plan. So he decides to also pull a muscle but at least his is genuine. But he too decides to play on and next thing its all over with Nick 3 -- 2 up.

Bruce then takes on Dave Hamilton at no 2. Also some good squash on display but Bruce manages to edge him out 3 -- 0.

On last at no 1 is Graham V vs Mark V N. Played in front of a full gallery of assorted wives from both sides including his own to be in a couple of days. Its Grahams last league match ever as a free man before the chains get put on. So no doubt sensing his up coming loss of freedom, he decides to play one last great game in the name of freedom. And a very good game he played. 2 nil up he goes. But Mark himself is an old freedom fighter with his own having been restored, and he's equally determined. So yet another epic match unfolds. Mark fights back to 2 apiece and then takes it 3 -- 2. Quite a spectacle and no less than the 3rd five setter of the night.

As per tradition all names then went back in the hat and the first 4 drawn at the supper table count. Paul and Digby failed to emerge but it made no odds. The cause was already won and lost.

So 16 -- 5 to the "A" side and the bragging rights solidly back where they've always belonged.

Postscript --- match again played in fine Chamber spirit and thoroughly enjoyed by all. Pub did exceptionally well and was probably the overall winner.

And one last thing as Pete Le Roux says --- theres only one truth and all other reports, rumours etc in whatever form are to be strictly ignored.

Match score: 16 - 5