7th League vs. Wanderers

Another good win for the 7th


Keeping our I on the ball (please Stu), we had a good win against a very different Bryanston team.

No1 – Duncan Played Peter and won 3-1 – Duncan’s down the wall shots too fast for the lob and drop game Peter wanted to play

No 2 – Jacques played Ian and lost 0-3 - No comment as I have not witnessed this game

No3- Gerhard played Che (think Guevara) and won 3-1 – Che smoking too many Cuban cigars and me focusing on upping my average.

No 4 – Stuart played Kirsty and won 3-0 – Cant say anything about this game apart from the fact that Stu showed no mercy to this very lovely young lady.

No pizza’s or beer due to lack of interest (must be that time of the year……)

The Scribe

Match score: 12 - 5