9th LEAGUE vs Old Parks

Down to the business end of the season with our quest for a top placement taking some knocks. How is it that teams we’ve beaten comfortably are ahead of us on the Gauteng log? Is there some trick to the new e-logging system that I’ve not cracked. This week up against Bryanston though. The first leg was no walkover and was drawn – down to the last point. We were set for revenge this time.

3. Nigel vs Gerald: Nigel managed to get through the match without reverting to invalid status. His gammy ankle wasn’t tested too much with a pretty straightforward win in three despite an averted hiccup in the last game. For good measure, some of this was recorded by our resident cameraman (Brennan) and can be viewed on:


1. Brennan vs Nolan: Yowser, but could this Nolan dude hit that ball! The thinking goes that there are some latent issues that he works out with the squash ball bearing the brunt of it. Brennan is no slouch on the power stakes himself and, between the two of them they commenced to take a good few millimeters off the court paint coat. First game to Nolan with a display of pinpoint dropping and T domination. Brennan comes right back to take the second game, but is shot to pieces in the third. We thought he had Nolan’s number in the fourth though as he went 10-2 up. Not to be though as Nolan rattled off the points to win it 15-12.

2. Phil vs Jason: Almost a repeat of Nigel’s game, Phil wasn’t bothered too much by his opponent apart from the last game where there was a bit of a points hemorrhage before he realized that he’d need to seal the game quickly if he wanted to catch the Champions League match later in the evening. This he duly did to seal the match 3-1 and the evening for Chambers. Again putting the SABC to shame, Brennan was first to get coverage:


4. Naren vs Sven: Naren’s opponent had a habitual position at number two, but was coming back from injury and had elected to play down the order in the hopes of an easy game. Naren was having none of that and cruised through the first game hitting great length while setting up for the drop. In the second game Sven turned the heat up a bit to take the game. Naren’s response was to let his boast live up to its name, crafting some shots that he can deservedly boast about. So 2-1 to Naren and looking good. But no swansong from Sven. He took the fourth game with some masterful strokeplay to even it out. The court was simmering in the spring heat and the tiredness showed a bit in the final game despite some entertaining rallies. Alas, this game and the match went to Sven.

Next week it’s battle against the log leaders – Jeppe. Unbeaten this season. A situation that we will attempt to remedy.


1. Brennan: 1-3 (6-15; 15-13; 8-15; 12-15)

2. Phil: 3-0 (15-10; 15-6; 16-14)

3. Nigel: 3-0 (15-10; 15-5; 15-11)

4. Naren: 2-3 (15-4; 10-15; 15-9; 6-15; 9-15)

Final result :11 - 6