5th League “the G Team” vs Southern Suburbs

TinyG still off with the dreaded lurgy so again our reliable reserve FurG filled in. This week he was in deadly form, and having to go out for dinner, with his long-lost sister, he smashed his oppo 3-0.

LG then took on an old Paul who hits the ball twice as hard as Ryan but not in the tin as much. LG tried hard to control the ball but with it zooming around to all corners of the court life was difficult. A special award(??) to LG at the end of the season for refusing to accept a clear stroke from the marker when game ball up in the 2nd. There is a limit to the Chamber sportsmanship LG. Life was not good again this week with a 3-0 loss.

G-string starting to show his class this season took his match 3-0 fairly easily, leaving G-spot only needing a game to win the match – should be easy huh. Well…………2 games later that was not the case with G-spot looking rattled. But it’s never over till the Fat Man sings (that was you BigG) and G-string offered to buy supper if he won. So the next 2 were won and with his oppo looking tired and demoralized the 5th should be easy. Not so – eventually a 3-2 loss for G-Spot for the 1st loss this season.

Excellent meal at Doppios as usual celebrated the win with half of Chamber.

Match result : 10 - 6