9th LEAGUE vs Wits

First up was Gabriel vs. Tim1.
Tim, a little greased lighting, (possibly part time 5th league player, as suggested by Vince!) was too strong on the night, winning 3-1. 15-5; 18-16; 5-15; 17-15. Gabriel had an opportunity to equal matters in the 4th, but to no avail. [Note to self: Stop putting the ball on the T for your opponent.]

Second up Vince vs. Tim2
The old man was too good for the youngster, showing him how to lob and drop.
Vince won easily 15-4;15-4;15-3
We all think that Tim will one day be a top class engineer, but has some way to go on the squash court!
Vince was gracious in his victory.

Next up Sean, cool hand Sean
A carefully crafted victory by the ever improving Sean. Moving with a stealth that belies his age and weight, Sean won easily as well,15-10;15-10;15-17;15-10, Equally gracious in victory.
Finally but not least, Stratford, who was more upon Avon than upon the court, Stratford fought hard. However following the captains policy of placing the ball on the T for his opponent, he lost.
Final score 10-15;10-15;15-10;8-15

Match result 8-7 win for Chamber, a stunning upset.

Match result : 10 - 7