6th B League vs Wanderers

Been a tough couple of weeks and we were looking to get back to winning ways, but we were up against the 2nd on the log Wanderers so it would always be a battle. Seems that the players parents must have consulted the same books when naming their progeny as there were 3 Bruces and 2 Phils on the night. Made supporting a bit of a challenge.

No 4. Nigel vs Bruce #1 (from Wanderers). Two weeks lay-off did no favours to my game and I made heavy weather out of beating a determined opponent. All points were hard fought with Bruce winning the first and third games and me having to come back to win the last two. There was pressure from the gallery as well with the chairman threatening to sully my good reputation if I lost. My couch potato fitness levels didn’t make it any easier, but I managed to take the last game comfortably 15-13. Nigel won (3-2).

No 2. Mark vs Louis. Mark was up against the managing editor of FHM who was in a tearing hurry to get back to the office to sort something (or somebody) out. Mark was close on the first game, but totally out of it for the rest as Louis pulled off some drop shots that kept as low to the ground as a hookers knickers. With these unplayable shots aiding him, Louis kept Mark form getting a grip on the game and it was over in short order. Mark lost (0-3).

No 3. Bruce Bydawell vs Bruce #2 (from Wanderers). These two players had more in common than their names, with their style of play being almost identical. Whirlwind fast, fitter than Achilles and with tight, hard shots. So basically it all went down like this: Bruce takes the first game, but Bruce isn’t thrown and comes back in the second strongly to put Bruce in back his place. The third and fourth games are similar with Bruce playing some great length interspersed with the odd timely lob, while Bruce chased hard and had the occasional breath-taking burst of speed to keep him in contention. In the end it was all a bit too much for Bruce and he lost with Bruce winning. Bruce won (3-1).

No 1. Phil vs Phil (from Wanderers). It was left to the last game of the evening to see who took the honours. Alves started stronglyand looked in good nick giving us a hopeful start. But these Wanderers chumps are determined and his opponent came back just as strongly. Some long rallies saw both players tiring, but keeping going regardless. Eventually it was some marginal errors which saw Wanderers winning. Phil lost (1-3)

Then it was off to Doppios to join the other Chamber masses. We may have to find a new venue for the customary post-match mastication as there have already been questions asked over the reason for the gathering of men at Doppios on a Tuesday night. The suspicions of outsiders are that it is the after-party of a pink parade… Although, anyone who has seen the squash shorts of Mr Crossman must know that there is no way he could be gay with that dress sense.

Match score: 7 - 11