Match Reports March 23rd-25th

Ladies 3rd LEAGUE vs Wits

Wits cancelled

Overall result : 16 - 0

Ladies 4th LEAGUE 02 vs Randburg

Jenny won 3-2
Josephine won 3-0
Lynda won 3-0
Kelly lost 0-3

Overall result: 12 - 5

 Ladies 4th LEAGUE 03 vs BYE

Overall result:


1st  LEAGUE vs Old Eds

This was a great result against one of the favourites to win the league

Kelvin won 3-0
Francesco lost 1-3
Mwansa lost 0-3
Stan won 3-1

Match won by 5 points

Match Result: 9 - 7


2nd LEAGUE vs Old Eds

2nd vs Old Eds (again)
We played the 2nd of Old Eds’ 2 sides in 2nd.
(A still sick) Doug played the crafty old Rob Halstead. Doug started strong but his chest let him down and he couldn’t run for 5 games.
Mike played next against Craig (Willem’s old school mate) and managed 1 game, even though he had the best looking gallery shouting for him.
Gary then played Greg ‘The Beast’ and managed to run Greg down to win 3-1.
Jeff went on last, having to win 3-1 for a win, and 3-2 for a points count out. Jeff was 2-1 up and 14-10. But lost that game. Next game Jeff was down 13-14 and managed to win. So it went to points and we lost by 9.

1)      Mike 1-3
2)      Jeff 3-2
3)      Gary 3-1
4)      Doug 2-3

 Match result : 9 - 11


4th League  vs Bryanston

4th  League team has an excellent result winning all matches against a somewhat weak Bryanston team. Congratulations to Flip on his first league win of the season. Final result against a very demoralised Bryanston side was 16 – 0.

Ryan,Chegwidden 3                        vs           Schalk,Badenhorst 0
Vevek Iyer 3                                       vs            Steven Hughes 0
Phillip Van Antwerpen 3               vs            Alan Agianenz 0
Dave Peacock 3                                 vs            Paul Siddall 0

Match result : 16 - 0

5thth League  “the G Team” vs Bryanston

TinyG on first  took on BIG Andre. This was the “Immovable Force” against the “Immovable Force”. There was about 300kg on court and it looked very small. Anyway Tiny walked away with the 1stgame but Andre started to warm up cutting everything off and eventually winning 3-1 with some unplayable shots.

LG next took on Che the roadrunner. This was a bit of a marathon with Che questioning most of the impeccable refereeing decisions (guess who was marking). LG  managed to outrun his oppo 3-1.

KingG then went on and demolished his oppo 3-0.

That left G-spot to win a game for a team win. That was accomplished easily and followed another  gentle 4 games to get fit winning 3-2

Match result : 13 - 6

6th League A vs Parkview

After a big struggle for players.

Bowes at 1, lost 3-2.
McLeod at 2, won 3-0.
Geldenhuys won,  3-0
Stu won 3-0

Match result : 14 - 3


6th League vs Old Eds

Having borrowed 2 players from 6A to field a team…………………Old Eds couldn’t raise a team.

Match score: 16 - 0


7th League vs. Southern Suburbs

We played on Court 2 and competed for crowd participation with a minor attraction on the adjacent court of our all blacks; not the rugby team but our first league side, beating Old Eds.

A late start opened with Mike who holds a 100% record. Unfortunately a losing record that is, and so he was out to win a match. He started well against the younger of the Father Son combination and took the first by a whisker, saving three game points. Second no problem then the thought of winning his first 2011 league match made his legs go wobbly and his brain wander. Not that he has much of one in the first place! He got his act together and won the fourth, ending with a 6,000 stroke rally that befitted the chap’s next door efforts.

Stephan played a snooker ball headed player. A pink. Steph played squash in the first game then changed it to table tennis or was it synchronised swimming. Lost the second after being 14-11 up; a pivotal point. The next two saw the crowd migrate to the next court as Steph got his attendance certificate, losing the next two.

Paul played the Dad. Some superb retrieving, deft lobs from the back of the court over his opponent on the way to the front wall and serving out at 13-all in the fourth made for a seesaw game which went Paul’s way, 3-2.

All we needed were 2 games as we were ahead on points. On goes our fashion guru, man about town and MVP. Nic’s opponent, Kyle, is one of the Southern Suburbs stalwarts having been a member for 34 years and losing to Mike H 24 years ago as 20 year old, in a slightly higher league. Despite some valiant efforts, Nic was off form, sharing with the scribe too many excuses (all beyond his control) to list in this short report.

The entire team pitched up to support and was greatly appreciated; Karel and Gary played a friendly and George drank.  Replenishing the salts lost in his 60km run (7hrs 5 mins, well done) at the weekend. Not much, only a six pack, because he did not want to bend his brand new C180 Merc.

The team left for Doppio Zero bumping into our sister team but missed the kitchen cut off so all went home hungry.

Squash Tip of the Week
When lobbing make sure the balls trajectory is over the opponent on its way back from the front wall.

#1: Nic vs. Kyle, 3-0: 5-15, 8-15, 5-15
#2: Paul vs. Greg snr, 3-2: 15-9, 15-9, 10-15, 13-15, 15-12
#3: Stephan vs. Ruffy: 1-3: 15-11, 17-15, 15-10, 15-10
#4: Mike vs. Greg jnr: 3-1: 16-14, 15-12, 9-15, 15-7

MVP is not Most Valuable player but Mainly Vain Plonke

Match score: 7 - 11


7th B League vs. Jeppe

Pete F two love up against grand dad, but then looses the third 19-21. Wins the fourth.

Simultaneously Dave wins an even encounter 3-2.

Next Graham is two love up and Pete L at 1-1.  So games are 9-4 in Chamber’s favour.

Jeppe takes the next 5, over to the points count out.  Jeppe wins by twelve and abandons us.

Match result 9 - 11


9th LEAGUE vs Old Eds

Easy win

Gabriel 3-1
Vince 3-0
Stratford 3-0
Sean 3-2

Match result : 16 - 3


10th LEAGUE vs Wits

10th League played Wits at Wits on Wednesday last the 6th April.

Final score Wits won 13-6

  1. First up was Paddy playing No. 2 against  Nathan a young whippersnapper who even kept running between games.  Paddy hardly saw the ball in the first game and went down 15-5, had more difficulty recognising it in the second, going down again 15-11 but made a startling short lived come-back in the 3rd and 4th winning both games. The 5th was a foregone conclusion with Nathan changing gear and cruising to a 15-11 win. Overall result 3 – 2 for Wits.
  2. Next up was Keith playing David in No. 1 position.  Unfortunately despite trying hard Keith was no match for their No. 1 and went down in the first two games but pulled a rabbit out of the hat to take the third game 19-17 after a ding dong battle.  Wits again put the boot in and took the fourth game 15-8.  Overall result 3-1 for Wits.
  3. Next was the star of the night Des Crossman playing No.3 against Tremayne. After a comfortable win in the first Des goes down in the second to an embarrassing loss  15-9. Getting really worked up Des determined to put on a good show for his wife and took the next two games comfortably 15-12 and 15-9.  Overall result a win for Chambers 3-1.
  4. Last up was John playing Harry in No. 4.  This was not even a competition as Harry should have been their No. 1 but was on sick leave with a sore on his elbow.  John never even got going and was lucky to even score the ( few) points he did. Overall result win for Wits 3-0.

All the breast
John F

Final result : 6 - 13


10th LEAGUE vs Edenvale

We last night completed the league match against Edenvale (ED07) that commenced last week (23rd March) which had to be aborted due to a power failure at the club.

No 1 - Paddy was never in the game at all and was soundly beaten 0/3.
No 2 – Des played the sly lawyer, Leon, and I’m very pleased to say that he didn’t start in his usual casual fashion but rather got stuck in and whipped the lawman 3/0 with some powerful squash.
No 3 – John, who filled in for an off-colour Johan, surprised himself more than us by snatching a win in the fifth, 15-13 to take the match 3/2. Note – this was at NUMBER 3! John stated at the beginning of the season that he was going to “give finger” to those sharp arses on the Committee who last year named him “kakest player of the decade”. This super-human effort last night was the start of his “finger” to them. Watch this space for more!
N0 4 – Bob, in true captain style playing brilliant squash, blew away his nervous opponent to win comfortably 3/0.

Good win for us – 12-5.

We lie second in the log having already had our bye although some teams still have to enter results but nevertheless two wins from two matches so far.

Final result : 12 - 5