6th League A vs Old Eds

Stuart went on first at 2, lost to Halil 3 -1 but with silly mistakes in the fourth, squandered a chance to win.

Next up at 1 Gavin was looking good against Shawn, hoping to neutralise Stuarts loss, but his younger, lanky opponent put paid to those aspirations, Gavin going down 3 - 2.

Steph, up from 7th, came on at 3 and played an unlikely looking Dhiren, who's dress code cleverly concealed the fact that he had a zillion sneaky shots up his grey pullover sleave. 3 - 1 down.

Cage Fight II didn't materialise as Jacques went down 3 - 2 to Roland Skinner who simply smashed his way to victory on the night.

Better pairings may have produced a different outcome, but if my aunty had balls.....

Court:1 Winner:Wits University WU04
SHAWN,VAN NIEKERK- vs. Gavin,Geldenhuys-
10-15 15-7 7-15 15-8 15-13

Court:2 Winner:Wits University WU04
Halil,Yilmaz- vs. Stuart,Vey-
15-12 15-7 10-15 15-13

Court:3 Winner:Wits University WU04
Dhiren,Parbhoo- vs. I,Substitute-
15-8 5-15 15-10 15-6

Court:4 Winner:Wits University WU04
ROLAND,SKINNER- vs. Jacques,van Jaarsveld-
15-12 15-12 13-15 15-2

Match result : 5 - 16