10th LEAGUE vs Edenvale

Penultimate match with a number of consecutive losses behind us, we were keen to win this one having beaten Edenvale in the first round.
Things were made easier by their captain phoning on Wednesday morning to say that they only had two players available. Due to summer league about to start and it being late in the season we agreed to play nevertheless. With the weak team we had selected even against two we were hard-pressed to win!

No1 – Johan. Playing their regular number 3, LOST the first game (COTY nomination?) then took charge to storm home. I’m very happy to report that Johan was extremely embarrassed at having dropped the first game. So far so good.

N02 – Bob. Needing game time after his trips abroad and looking a little tubby around the waist, took the court against their irregular No 4, who, Dear Reader, claimed he hadn’t played since he met us in the league last year. This was proved to be correct by Bob winning easily in three without much sweat.

Walkovers for No3 and No4 gave us an easy 16 pointer.

Final result : 16 – 1