2nd LEAGUE vs Parkview

We played Parkview at Parkview for our last match of the season, and used the green dot ball. For some of us, for the first time ever.

Gary played first against a much younger opponent, got a hiding in the first game, but got to grips of the bounce of the strange ball and won the next three.

Stan played next against Steph, won the first comfortably, but then lost the next two. Thankfully Stan managed to keep the ball going and wore Steph down (15-13 in the 5th).

Willem was next up against Adam, won the first but then struggled for the next three. Getting married takes it out of you.

Last up was Jeff, but no good. Jeff hasn’t been playing much singles, is struggling with a knee problem and a sore hamstring. He didn’t win a game.

So we managed 7 points for the night; which puts us 2 points behind the 2nd placed Wits. Wits and us each have 1 more result to submit, if ours is 3 points more than theirs, we come second.

1)      Stan 3-2

2)      Willem 1-3

3)      Gary 3-1

4)      Jeff 0-3

 Match result : 7 - 11