6th B League vs Parkview

It was off to the grounds of the nemesis Parkview. When we arrived the 1stleague was already at work teaching the Parkviewtons a lesson. And with all courts full with business leaguers there were spectators galore. And with Brennan in attendance and readying himself for a comeback – limp wrist and all. Best to put on a good show then.

Yours truly was playing in the sacrificial lamb no. 1 spot against Graham – he of lower league tournament marking notoriety. And there were indeed many let calls which tested the marker’s patience (one of their players at least), but the game was generally played in good spirits. Although that didn’t help me and I was duly dispatched after only managing to win the first game. Nigel lost 1-3.

Lyal, in anticipation of his visit to Nigeria later in the week, had his running shoes on as he challenged Bernand. Well, it must be said that Bernard wasn’t much of a runner and collapsed on the floor after the second game looking as if he might be succumbing to a coronary… No real fight in him and Lyal finished him off in 3. A good end to Lyal’s last league game of the season. Lyal won 3-0.

Mark was then on against Reinhart who had some handy shots, but again wasn’t too interested in making it an action sport. Mark duly picked up everything and, despite a dubious call in the 3rd which gave the game to his opponent, game back strongly to finish things off. Some good length and nice, tight shots did the trick for him. Mark won 3-1.

Finally it was Bruce up against ??? – a fit looking young gun. Obviously he wasn’t expecting Bruce’s superior, 2-Oceans/Comrades style fitness, because his shots looked pretty, but were fetched and returned with interest. Bruce has only one loss against him this season and looks set to continue strongly right to the end. Bruce won 3-0.

And our victory was complemented by that of the 1st league. An impressive performance for Chamber at the enemy stronghold

Match score: 13 - 5