7th A League vs. Jeppe

First, apologies for the lack of previous match report, slipped my porous mind. However the dismal score line on that occasion tells it all and the humiliation suffered has ensured that the match will soon be erased from our memories.

Better news this week! We faced up to our old foe and most of us had a much better showing.

I arrived at the courts early enough to witness a supposedly injured Peacock tormenting curly Gary, who is recovering from a calf strain. Not convinced that all that running and lunging was doing Gary any good.

Despite being there first, I was unable to secure my position at 4, our esteemed captain claiming that berth for himself, citing hip damage as sufficient reason. Whispering George faced well known opponent, Anton, and managed to take the close fought match in the fifth.

Next up, Steph took on Detlef, also known from way back (think he beat me last time). Despite a lapse in the third game and a strong fight back from Detlef in the fourth,  Chamber were two matches to the good. Concurrently Snapper Mike was having a tough time of it against Dave. Mike reckons he’ll get fit during Summer league.

So it was up to MVP Nick the Greek to seal the deal against Greg. I have to grudgingly agree with Nick that he did play the first game and a half “superbly”. Then Greg went down with an ankle tweak and it was game over.

The injured Greg went home while the rest of us repaired to Doppios for well earned refreshments.

Nic,Papatheodorou- vs. Greg,Brumme-                            15-10 15-11 15-0      
Dave,Whittle- vs. Michael,Hunt-                               7-15 15-7 15-9 15-11
Steph,Stephansen- vs. Detlef,BORNER-                15-10 15-10 13-15 15-13
George,Bowen- vs. ANTON,ENGELBRECHT-        13-15 15-10 12-15 15-11 15-11
Chamber: 13 - 4

Match score: 13 - 5