5th League “the G Team” vs Alberton

The last match and the G-team played TOP of the table Alberton having lost to them by 1 game in the 1st round. REVENGE WAS SWEET. This was a Great, Gigantic Glorious victory

First on was BigG, continuing his fine end of season form (peaking for Summer League as usual) and despite a 1 game aberration set the evening off well with a 3-1 win. Even another groin injury in the 4th wasn’t going to stop BigG.

kpmGrumpy on next against a classy opponent. KpmG’s power was awesome in the 1st but gradually class took over and a 1-3 loss left the match level. At least there were no F-bombs this week.

LG started slowly, VERY SLOWLY and was soon 2-0 down. However a few heated discussions with the ref seemed to pump LG up and demoralize Shaun, his oppo, (he had a very strange interpretation of the rules which said if you didn’t hit the ball you couldn’t get a let). 3 easyish games later saw a fine 3-2 victory for LG.

That left G-spot with the heavy burden of winning the match – only a victory would do. An imperious first game was followed by a close 2nd game loss  - followed by another imperious game and another close game loss to leave it at 2-2. The fifth went down to the wire and of course 14-all was reached. A 500 shot rally was finished with a perfect drop and then a perfect drive to the back corner eventually finished off the match. A very entertaining (apparently) 3-2 win.

This result could have robbed Alberton of the title as Wanderers were only 5 points behind going into this match. To date the final results have not been posted.

Match result :  13 - 8