10th LEAGUE vs Suburbs

The last match of the 2011 season. We had a disappointing second half and slipped in the log to 4th (maybe 5th as Edenvale have outstanding results).

Our whole squad turned up last night – even Keith Arnott with his broken body! – to either play or support and a final dinner at Doppio 0 in Greenside at which we reciprocated by hosting the full, jovial Suburbs team. It’s a pity that more clubs don’t encourage the social side of league squash.

Another notable thing was that our team again all played in the current (DStv sponsored) Chamber shirts as we have mostly during the season.

We played Southern Suburbs whose points tally had by last week already won them the 10th League title for 2011.

No1 – Brian. Although he gave his all, Brian was no match for his opponent and lost 0/3. The score, Dear Reader, belies the match as Brian scored 37 points to his opponents 45. If he could have taken the third I strongly suspect he would have been in with a chance.

No2 – Johan. Got off to a slow start and was soon down 0/2. Made a concerted effort in the third game but succumbed losing 13/15 to go down 0/3. Johan is very competitive and each point won by him was worth a celebration by the crowd, not to mention Johan himself! All made for a fun and noisy match.

No3 – Bob. Never really in the game against a very fit opponent and went down in three games. It was over so quickly that in fact I’m not sure the crowd were even aware the match had been played!

No4 – Des. Our ray of sunshine on an otherwise damp parade really hammered his opponent, playing solid, hard, dominating squash to win in three.

RESULT – LOST : 3/12

My thanks to our squad for making it a fun season and although we will all be a year older next year we will again compete as Chamber’s “fish-and-chips”team.

Final result : 3 - 12