6th B League vs Wits

For the final game there were indeed surprises at hand. Phil arrived early – this has never happened before and it’s likelihood is on par with that of the Dalai Lama being allowed entry into the country. Hell has officially frozen over. Wits almost didn’t arrive at all. By 6:45 there was no sign of an opponent and we resorted to internal round robin. Just as we’d tired ourselves out, lo and behold, the Clever Boys made an appearance.

With 2 courts on simultaneously it was Nigel vs Halil on one side and Mark vs Shawn on the other. Halil’s shots were just too tight for Nigel and apart from some reprisal in the third game the result was never in doubt. 1 – 3 down. Mark reversed the scoreline in his game – didn’t get to see it, but it appears that Mark’s performance was stellar against a handy opponent, moving well, playing a good line and not giving anything away. A good 3 – 1 win for Mark in the final game of the season.

Next on was Phil vs Dhiren. Obviously Phil’s coaching lessons have been paying off and he was in control from the start. No real chance for Dhiren. Phil was devious and clinical. 3-0 in short order.

Finally Bruce vs Roland. Despite giving away more points than he should have, Bruce played plenty well enough to cruise to a 3 – 0 win. And, in so doing, he ends the season with only a single loss from 14 matches. Almost as good a record as Nic Papa.

Then it was off to the Doppio to end off with the last supper. Good win and good meal to end the season.

Match score: 13 - 4