5th League “the G Team” vs Northcliff

The G-team played bottom of the table Northcliff and we found out why.

G-Bow won 3-0 with consummate ease.

kpmGrumpy went Grumpy in one game but won 3-1 against a keen runner.

BigG finding his best form in time for Summer League annhialated his opponent with embarrassing ease. The marker was tasked with giving his oppo a few points in the last game through foot-faults but the game was over so quickly that he didn’t get chance.

G-spot with no pressure lobbed and dropped his oppo into a 2-0 lead, felt sorry for him in the next 2 games and predicting a 15-6 win in the 5th won it 15-7.

A good night was finished off at BigG’s local, the Thundergun, with a good burger and a beer or 2.

Match result :  16 - 3