10th LEAGUE vs Soweto (2 weeks ago)

After taking 16 points from them in the first round when they failed to arrive on time, this was obviously a grudge match as they are second on the table by one or two points instead of top. As it turned out they were friendly but determined. They are actually playing in a league far weaker than they should be and we will not be playing them in future as they must move up a few leagues.

No 4 – Bob – On first and put up a better than expected show and had a good match. Lost 0-3. (Scored 23 points in total).
No 3 – Des – Next up and pretty much ditto on above. Des scored a 10 in the last game which made him happy. Lost 0-3. (Scored 26 points).
No 2 – John F – Came in as a late replacement for Johan M whose wife is not well and he wanted to leave early. It should be noted, Dear Reader that Johan was there and changed ready to play in the event that John F didn’t arrive. John was totally outclassed and was soon in the showers. Lost 0-3. (Scored 17 points).
No 1 – Brian – On last and played a very good player and did score a total of 9 points in his three games!

All over by eight o’clock and at least the showers were hot.
Put this behind us and had a very good burger washed down with some el cheapo red at JB’s in Melrose Arch on our own.

Overall result: Lost 0-16