Got this from Gauteng Squash via email

Please note, that as per rule 15.2, the high altitude ball (green dot) will be used as of the 1st September 2012 (see rule below). All men's leagues and ladies 1st and 2nd leagues are required to use the high altitude/green dot ball. It is the responsibility of the home team (rule 15.1) to provide a new ball for the match. The high altitude/green dot ball can be obtained from Parkview or Old Edwardians and is also stocked in smaller supply at a few other clubs.


15.1 All matches shall start with a new ball provided by the home team.

15.2 The Dunlop green dot ball must be used in all Men's leagues as well as Ladies 1st and 2nd league matches from 1st September 2011 to 30th April 2012 and again from 1st September 2012 for the remainder of league. Ladies 3rd and 4th league shall use a double yellow dot ball, but may make use of the green dot ball if both players agree to do so.


Central Gauteng Squash