9th LEAGUE vs Edenvale

The team has come to grips with this three Boertjies and a Porra idea. No more high English speaking in our team, nee nee, blikse* en donde* with a Piri piri smaak, that’s us.
Game report.
A long trek to the East Rand it was, got lost, found our way, got confused, back on track and then eventually we got there. Sports grounds that boasts with rugby, soccer, evening volley ball, base ball, karate, you name it and it happens at Edenvale sports grounds.

Player 1 at position 1.
Chambers – Chris   = 3  vs   Edenvale–  Ge = 1
Chris was getting the heck of this winning his squash game. A Captain must do what a Captain must do. Climb in and take control.  Good clean shots in the first game, a bit of fight from the opponent but first game to the Captain. The second was more serious, Ge was losing face and his girlfriend was looking on, a tuff match with both hitting hard (the winter game has subsided). But the old man pulled out all the experience and won 16/14. He needed rest and playing half mast, conceded the third. The fourth was dealt with swiftly and the result was favourable.

Player 2 at position 2
Chambers –  Kobus  = 3  vs   Edenvale–  Riaan = 0
A demon possessed. Kobus was hungry and with no mercy demolished poor Riaan. The Captain of his team nogal.

Chambers --  Lesley  = 3  vs   Edenvale–  John = 1
Still  fighting to regain his position in the team (6 months probation for Porras) Leslie was in trouble after the first game down. This won’t do and after intensive tips from Kobus (haven’t a clue what language was used, with arms around the Porra in serious discussion) Leslie got back on court.  A ha, this is how I should do it, and with his usual zest and eagerness he was back in the game, running, boasting and even smashing. The next three games was his, thus securing his position in the (prestigious) 9th Chambers league team. Well done Leslie. Horaa!!  

Player 4 at position 4
Chambers -- Willie  = 0   vs   Edenvale–  John = 3
Now Willies opponent wasn’t a small guy. In fact he was Biiiig. So getting the ball passed Joe was an impossibility. But Willie tried, he played well but gave it away in returning the serves. We will see more of Willie in future, I have no doubt.

End result   - Chambers  =  3 vs   Edenvale  = 1

Thanks Team – well done.

Overall result: Won 12 - 5