7th A League vs. Pirates

Close but not good enough.

Paul: down 0-3. I tried and played some good squash with a few exceptional rallies in the third, but Rob was just too good – he made it look easy.
Karel: won 3-1.  A wobbly start losing the first, but came back in excellent form, and his opponent started to make mistakes.  Possibly Karel’s best game of the year.
Steph: down 0-3.  Steph played really well, but the opponent was just too good (believe he plays 3rd league masters).
George: won 3-0. Played some great squash against a good opponent.

We played well against a good team and did better than I thought we were likely to do.  If only one (or two) more games had been in our favour.


Could just add that we went down despite enthusiastic vocal support from injured Mike H.
No-one had an appetite to prolong the agony, so no Doppios.

Overall result: Lost 10 - 7