4th League vs Bryanston

Henri,Fourie- vs. Dave,Peacock-
 with the team 2-0 up, Dave went on hoping to close out the match while I had a quick shower. Got back to the court as the 1st ended to find Dave hobbling with a damaged foot that happened seemingly without any obvious cause. Despite being advised to retire, Dave soldiered on ( read hobbled on), and managed to win a game, making it easier for Flip who still had to play. Hope it’s not serious Dave, get better soon, your Province needs you for the inter Provincial soon
15-10 15-2 14-16 15-4

Chris,van Heeswijk- vs. Che,Lue-
 ding-dong match with the “General” settling into the “one for me, one for you, one for me, one for you...” with just a little nervous moment in the 5th when after being 13-9 up, Che got back to 13 all and I fortunately managed to finish.
15-11 13-15 15-7 8-15 15-13

Andrew,McKeaveney- vs. Peter,Gillies-
 Andrew once again up against a well experienced opponent, managed to keep Peter out of the match with good hard hitting squash. Andrew was surprised to hear later that Peter is uver 65, and has a son who is old enough to be Andrews dad.
15-9 15-6 15-11

Phillip,Van Antwerpen- vs. 
Dino  Up last (but definitely not least) Flip came up against Dino, and ex Bryanston player filling in for their injured captain Allan Againz. First two were comfortable with  Flip’s drops working well. Rest game in the third had the team a little worried, but Flip managed to close out the fourth to win 3-, for a team win.
15-11 15-11 6-15 15-8

Retired to Doppio for the customary pizza’s

Overall result: Won  12 – 6