9th LEAGUE vs Wits (2 weeks ago)

After a spade of losses, the team was hungry for a win. Bad luck struck with our one and only Englishman gentleman, opting for a job in Cape Town, Absolute no regards for the Boertjies he learned to love back in the Old Transvaal.   But off he went and the team scratched hard and deep and found a replacement in a korfbal player of Portuguese descend.  Affectionately known as THE PORRA.

So with a permanant replacement and a stand in here is the game results.

Player 1 at position 1.
Chambers – Chris   = 3  vs   Wits–  Tina  = 1
Chris was in his element feeling 30 years younger playing the young student. The game plan was to play the ball low and see what happens. First game in the bag, and playing good squash was now a option. She retaliated in good style and with hard hitting shots and  lightning movements did justice to her number one position and won the second game. Chris had his Captain and number one position to uphold and climbed in, hitting hard, down the wall and even some in the nick. Tina was no match and the game ended in a convincing 3-1 to Chambers
Player 2 at position 2
Chambers –  Kobus  = 3  vs   Wits-   Chris   = 0
Now, Kobus loves his squash and he plays with zest. Blitsige (lighting) moves, 360 degree twirls and constant moves is his  game play. Chris tried hard and tried to match the energetic moves but he was no match. Kobus out run and outplayed his opponent and a nice 3 - love to Chambers

Player 3 at position 3
Chambers --  Lesley  = 3  vs   Wits --  Shaun  = 2
Leslie (the Porra) had to play himself into the prestigious 9th league team. As Captain I gave him the list of requirements he had to adhere to, to make the grade. He flunked the first requirement by not speaking the Taal and nearly got the boot. But when it got to playing squash, he made up with enthusiasm. The first two games made him feel good. He played well, nice and tight and moving well. Then Shaun came out with down the wall shots and some nice boasts. The Porra was rattled, but digging deep into his natural athletic abilities he fought back. The last game was 14 all, what do I do now, he says to himself ?? A, ha, a place in the team (remember – prestigious) was at stake, I have to do it or play korfbal all my life. A good inner decision was made and  like a good hot Portuguese prego roll on a Friday afternoon he rose to the occasion.  Klapped the opponent I say, and the result was 3 - 2 to Chambers.

Player 4 at position 4
Chambers -- Willie  = 0   vs   Wits  -- Substitute = 3
Willie hasn’t played for years and unfortunately that took its toll. The basics and ball sense was there, but when the ball came off fast from the serve, Willie tried to Badminton it, that did nooooot work. So with a training schedule from the Captain, Willie was sent home to train and to come back to fulfil his position back in the team.

End result   - Chambers  =  3 vs   Wits  = 1

Thanks Team – well done.

Overall result: Won 12 - 6