5th League vs Dainfern

Dainfern were sniffing at our heels in the league so an important match to win.

The Silver Fox starting the night off as usual…………….and UNusually didn’t go to 5, winning 3-0 without raising a sweat (not much of an opponent I’m afraid)

G-Bow on next, just wasn’t the G-Bow we know and love………………in fact he was pretty useless I’m afraid, doing well to win 1 game. We all have off-nights Gav.

Grrrrrrrrich then played young Devon who had thumped him 3-0 in the first half of the season. This was not to be a repeat performance with Rich chasing everything down and frustrating the living sh*t out of the youngster and taking the first 2 games. The youngster was taking out his frustration on the ref and the door and the odd spectator (but hey George B is pretty thick-skinned). The next 2 were just about identical with Rich getting to 13-9 up in both and managing to throw them away. The 5th looked to be similar but this time Rich held his nerve for a brilliant 3-2 win.

That took a little bit of the pressure off “The King” playing No 1 and needing 2 games to win the match against Tony who he’d narrowly beaten in the 1st half. Losing the first badly to 7, The King took control and won the next 2 with some great varied squash. Resting in the 4th, The King sailed through the 5th for a Royal win of note.

Overall result: Won 13 – 7