10th LEAGUE vs Hope SC

We got smacked by Hope Squash Club last night – but NOT a white wash

First up @ # 1. Keith – back at last from an extended four week vacation in the UK. Lost the first two games convincingly and ran out of breath. Accepted suggestion to concede third game. 0/3

Next @ # 2. JohAn – was given a good run by Request (name of opponent) managed to take the third game. 1/3

Next @ # 4. John – also had a good run and also managed to take the third. 1/3

Finally @ #3. Des – was NOT given a good run, didn’t even build up a sweat never in this game despite aggressive play and went down 0/3

Match Result 2-16 ouch
Lawrence from HSC and the three youngsters all really great guys. They came to Modder by Taxi. Des graciously took them all back to town so they did not have to Taxi back.....

Overall result: 2 - 16