9th LEAGUE vs Bryanston

Ons was so reg soos die boer se roer. The 2 x Boertjies and an Englishman was professionally motivated by our very own   man of Portuguese descendant  --  Leslie - with a unpronounceable Porra surname.    He spoke to us, he send us pictures he made us sing songs of motivation and all this to win our last game of the year. MAAR in goeie Boere maniere het ek nooit vir die Porra gese en verstaan nie n word nie. I have to admit though, the motivational pictures (of scantily dressed cheerleaders) now those I understood. Thanks Leslie 

Back to the evening of squash.

Player 1 at position 1.
Chambers – Chris   = 2  vs   Bryanston–  Hayley   = 3
Unfair unfair, ons boertjies weet nie hoe om teen geledere van die teenoorgestelde geslag te speel nie. They were made to be pregnant en om kaalvoet in die kombuis te wees. Soos my oorlede oom Poela my geleer het. But I held my pose, and concentrated on the game of squash. Once I had that mind set it was easier and with cunningness befitting a boertjie in his prime, the first game was won. Hayley hailed from New Zealand and the All Black blood rebelled to this boertjie and with amazing power and accuracy she kept the ball away from her opponent and had the upper hand in the second game. Nou is die boertjie begeesterd. Geen All Black kan kers opsteek met n Springbok nie. The Captain did justice to his title and slowed the game down. That helped and  2-1 to Chambers. Jong nou is die meisietjie opgewerk, dis die kant toe, dis daai kant toe dis alle kante toe, en die Kaptein het nie n clue nie. 2-2. My official stance is, as home game captain and being the last game of the year, I gave (a bit) in and she won the game. (in real life I never had a chance, but don’t tell anybody. )    

Player 2 at position 2
Chambers – Kobus  = 2  vs   Bryanston–  Gerald   = 3
Nou kyk hier is nog n boertjie wat n ‘bad day at the office’ gehad het. Gee my die raket en gee my die bal, die game is oor voordat jy jou oe kan uitvee, se Kobus. And with that said he climbed in and with 360 degree turns, fairy jumps to get the lobs and sneaky drops he was ahead 2 love in no time. Now the background is that Gerald and Hayley (No 1) is married and you take on a man’s family pride when his down 2 love.  Die arme boertjie (hy rook mos) saw his stamina run out with Gerald fighting back. Two games each and Kobus vowing never ever to smoke again went on court with bubble gum legs. He fought back and at time it was 8 each. Jy kan dit doen ou maat – was the support from the crowds, the Porra said something incoherent and the Englishman was shouting in support. But Gerald and Kobus’s cigarettes won the final game.  

Player 3 at position 3
Chambers – Leslie   = 3  vs   Bryanston–  Matt    = 1
The Porra was devastating. He is, of course, a nomination of the Small Business Awards, and for those John Robbie fans would have heard him on 702 last Friday morning. So back to squash. Poor Matt was is the firing line and had no skills to match. I have to add, Leslie’s game improved tremendously in the last two months.   Well done Leslie!!!!

Player 4 at position 4
Chambers – Roger  = 2  vs   Bryanston–  Matt    = 3
Our world mining traveller still had lead in the legs from his last international visit. And the Matt was about 13 years old, and energy to match. Roger played well and pulled out some well deserved returns, but his legs failed him in the fifth.  Roger really tried hard.

End result is          - Chamber =  1 vs  Bryanston   = 3

En did is die einde van n goeie en welverdiende muurbal jaar. The team will end middle for didle in the 9th league. Dankie vir die Boertjies wat hul man gestaan het en vir die Englesmanne (kind regards Anthony far south) en al die ander nationaliteite  wat die span opgemaak het om in lyn te bly met die land se reenboog beleid --  Baie Dankie

Cheers see ya next year!!

Chris van Zyl

Overall result Lost 9 - 13