6th League B vs Bryanston

Ending on a high!

Great match against Bryanston, with a change to the fortunes of the team.  Facing relegation we were all a little dubious at the start, we had two very entertaining matches at 1 and 2.  Worthy of the war stories which will no doubt be talked about over beers in years to come.   

1. Bruce v Joseph, epic 3-2 win for Bruce, setting us up nicely for the rest of the evening (he played first). Some of these rallies were so long that mountains were ground to dust and giant redwoods grew from seed to full height during the course of a point. Bruce’s take-no-prisoners game plan has seen him end the season like a champion.

4. Phil v Doogan, a lucky 3-0 for Phil against a hard hitting but mistake-prone opponent. Lucky in the sense that Phil didn't have a 4th game in him. Phil came back strongly from a dismal loss last week and forced a significant number of errors on his opponent and took the match fairly easily. Chamber 2 rubbers up and looking good.

3. Brennan v Cedric the Belgian, a 0-3 pounding for Brennan. Cedric the Belgian was just hitting it too hard and too consistently to give Brennan a look-in. Brennan unfortunately drew the energizer bunny as an opponent and did not have too much of a chance despite his great form at present. Things back in the balance then.

2. Mark v Ian, 3-1 to Mark. Last match of the evening with Mark needing a win to keep us out of the relegation zone. Ian, another hard hitter, provided strong resistance, but some very consistent squash from Mark kept him at bay.

An satisfying 12-6 win for us, which will hopefully be enough to keep us in the 6th league!!

Overall result: Won 12 - 6