2nd LEAGUE vs Parkview

2nd League played Parkview away for our final league match.

  • First up was Captain Willem at No 3. Willem narrowly lost the first after an excellent come back (15-13), cleaned up in the second (15-5) which seemed to wake his opponent up in the third and fourth where there was little contest thereafter. Result: 3-1 loss for Chamber.

  • Next up Robbie at No 2. Robbie got a hiding from an on fire Steve Hughes. Result: 3-0 loss for Chamber.

  • Next up Mwansa at No 1 swopping in for Stan. Mwansa played Tom Blagden who was injured from the start but never really had any hope anyway. In compensating for his injury, Tom pulled another muscle and retired hurt before the end of the first game. Result: 3-0 win for Chamber.

  • With the scores at 6-4 to Parkview, Chamber needed a 3-0 victory for the win or a 3-1 win to take it points (which we should have won considering Mwansa only lost 2 points). Next up Jeff at No 4. Jeff had a very tough match against Steph Burgeer and some quality squash was played. Jeff won the first, lost the second, won the third and was so close to winning the fourth but came up just short 15-13. Unfortunately Jeff lost the fifth but it was a close contest. Result: 3-2 loss for Chamber.

Match result: 12 (9) -6 to Parkview which doesn’t reflect how close we came to a win!

Overall result: Lost 6 - 12