6th League B vs Old Eds

Very tough match against a side that upon first impressions did not exude fitness and health.  All games were hard fought with one exception, Phil played Rael at number 4 and did not see much of the ball.  Overall results were disappointing

Bruce vs Jason: Won 3-1. Bruce played like a champ and got just reward.

Mark vs Ian: Lost 2-3. Spectacle of note. Only 2 points in it at the end – they’ll go your way next season Mark.

Brennan vs Leon (?): Lost 2-3. Could have taken this one but lack of practise proved costly at critical times. Brennan came out on top in points, but not in games.

Phil vs Rael: Lost 0-3. Creamed. Phil is not impressed…

So there’s one match left and we’re in 3rd last position. Gotta keep out of the relegation zone.

Overall result: Lost 7 - 13