5th League vs Winchester

We needed 14 points to win the league with 2 matches to play…………but with our Nos 1 and 2 away next week we wanted to finish it off this week. Our cause was helped when a phone call came in at 5.30 saying they only had 3 players. So 3 points in the bag already.

Silver Fox on first (again) – playing a wily old foe Alan Eve who I’ve played a good few times over the years. Alans tactics have always been to get in the way and wage phschological warfare and this match was no different. The marker was a novice and didn’t seem to realize he had to call the score but eventually with a bit of training from LG he came right and was equally bad for both players when he had to make a call. The games were close 15-13,13-15,15-13,14-16 until the 5th when Alan’s legs let him down and Silver romped in 15-8.

LG on next, had another tight affair, with his opponent Llewellyn chasing everything down, playing some great winners but also making a lot of silly mistakes. Again the match went to 5 and with LG 12-8 down in the 5th, things looked bleak. LG’s oppo though contrived to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory by smashing a good few into the tin and letting LG sneak in to win 3-2. Life was good for LG.

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrich on last playing the novice marker who also turned out to be a novice player. The match didn’t last long as Rich wanted to see some of the 1st lge match. An easy 3-0 win with not a hair out of place (but then again Rich doesn’t have a hair out of place after a tough 5-setter!!!)

So that gave us 16 points and an uncatchable lead at the top. WELL DONE THE 5TH LEAGUE TEAM.

We look forward to matches against our 4th league colleagues who have already been named the SS (snot-snivellers) and the gauntlet has already been laid down.

Overall result: Won 16 – 6