10th OMT (Old Mans Team) vs Modderfontein

Ø  First on was BAb at #4 against SheltonBack at long last after shoulder AND eye surgery as well as sporting a “bit of a cold”, the Captain has lost weight and is no longer as fit as usual. In addition, the lower back remains a bit sore. So, although trying his damnest to play well and win, it was downhill all the way with Sheldon closing BAb down by restricting him to 9, 7 & 6 points. Bad start -  0/down  

Ø  Next on was Paddy at #2 against the 18yo BryanThe 1st game was close, with Paddy going down 14-16. Then the crafty (old) fox klapped Bryan in the 2nd the youngster only getting 8 points. Well, playing as craftily as he could Paddy managed 11 points in the 3rd, which improved to 13 in the 4th, just not being able to arrange a 5 setter on the night. Although 1/3 down, the points score was 53-54!

Ø  Simultaneously with the game above, Roger very kindly helped out AGAIN this time at #3 against AslamThe 1st game was close, with Roger going down 14-16. Roger mustered 12 points in the 2nd. In the 3rd Aslam buttoned Roger down with well controlled drops and boasts which Roger just could not get to no matter how hard he tried. 0/3 down

Ø  Finally, Keith was on at #1 (!) against Francois (not Maré)Keith was totally outplayed by a much younger and stronger opponent who forced error upon error out of Keith, never really giving him the opportunity to get into the game despite urgent appeals to take it easy, get the ball up and give Keith a run0/3 down

Des was at Parkview securing a 100% pass (we hope) at the last (????) Marking & Reffing course. We are proud of you Des and look forward to the results. As for the rest of us, some discussion took place with observations that
Ø  everyone’s M & R qualifications had either expired last year, or
Ø  our names are not on the schedule, and
Ø  JF has undergone a name change and is now known as Jeff. Pretty close to JF hey!! Hahaha

Brian, John & JohAn were sick, lame and/or lazy

Good visiting the well refurbished Modderfontein Sports Club that was a hive of sporting activity under floodlights so much so that parking was at a premium! Burgers & chips were had by all very reasonably priced and not bad. A club member birthday celebration was underway and with good hospitality we were even offered birthday cake & biscuits!

Tip of the week: Should there be a squad member’s birthday on a league night at home (or away for that matter), the celebrations happen after league at the club or wherever. Hahaha

Overall result: Lost 1 - 16