9th League vs. CCJ

Before our match, we were 6 points behind Country Club and Moderfontein so this was a must win situation for us. So the 2 brothers and the Pora were ready for action.

First Up: Andy vs Matt

Before Andy played he admitted that his fitness is not his strongest point and had to work his magic to beat Matt in 3 sets. First game up and I have never seen someone with so much wrist action, shot flicking, boast bouncing like this man can play (well maybe at gay pride - Kobus's words) but the first game was a hard fought game with both players never giving in. Andy had just managed to squeeze in the win 15-13. The second game was no different, both players never giving up and once again our fillet wristed man took it 15-10. Now Andy was happy but also running out of steam. Down to the final set. 13-13, 14-13 to Matt, 14-14, 15-14 to Andy and then winning it 16-14.
Andy 3-0 Matt

Second Match: Peter vs Superman (So I couldn't remember the guys name)  From the word go, these 2 men were playing their hearts out for every point. You would think the prize for the winner would be a night with Pamela Anderson the way they were playing. Peter took the first 2 games.
But then it was Superman's turn to play catch up and catch up he did.
Before we knew what had happened the score was 2-2. Both men looked like they had just entered a wet T-shirt competition (most likely to impress
Pamela) The final set had come and gone with Peter just winning it.
Peter 3-2 Superman

Third Match: Leslie vs Paul
Now the pressure was on me...I mean Leslie, to keep up the teams winning run. Paul looked like a fit man and this intimidated Leslie a little. He won the toss and served first...and his serve took Leslie off guard as he was not sure if he was serving or picking banana's off a tree. Then after being 5 points down he realized that this guy plays tennis. Game on and managed to claw his way back to win the first game 16-14. The second game went the same way but a better result 15-10. Now time to finish the opponent off, but nooooooooo, with his funky Tennis style, he managed to pull one game back. Now Leslie focused, put his mind to it and finished Paul off 15-9.
Leslie 3-1 Paul

Current Score: 12 - 3

So back to the log: as it stands Chamber will over take moderfontein and country club.
Chambers - 82
Country Club - 79
Moderfontein - 76

It is now down to the lion heart of the team, Kobus the soon to be Kenyan, to beat Jamie on Friday and extend our lead at the top. All he needs to do is take one game off him for chambers to stay above the country clubians. But if he does not beat Jamie, he said he will run around naked at Chambers singing: "I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts."

This is not your captain, signing off

Ps: I am selling chicken livers and peri peri chicken at this never to be seen price again. Please contact me if you are interested. (Warning: do not contact if you are allergic to donkey and water buffalo meat)

Match postscript – Kobus lost 3-1 so the match was won (just).

Overall result: Won  10 - 6