2nd LEAGUE vs Jeppe

We played Jeppe away. 2 close matches, 2 not. Went to points count out and we won by 7.
Stan up first against Walter. Walter was close in 2 of the games but Stan managed a 3-0.
Gary next against Neil. (Says Heather on the submitted results, but was really Neil.) Quite a monster match with 151 points being played. Gary’s points were: 15/19/15/19/15 and he managed to win 3-2.
Next up (3-2)Jeff against Toby. If he doesn’t have a 3-2 he feels cheated. Another monster with Toby winning the first 2 comfortably, but then Jeff worked hard and came back; only just losing the 5th.
Last was Peter against Nigel. Peter wasn’t sharp on the night and went down 0-3.
We then counted points.

Stan: 3-0
Peter: 0-3
Jeff: 2-3
Gary: 3-2

Overall result: Won 10 - 8