10th OMT (Old Mans Team) vs UJ

Ø  First on was Brian at #1 against (the young) KhabeerBrian played with his usual determination, conceding only 9, 10 & 8 points. Good start -  3/0 up  

Ø  Next on was Keith at #2 against (the young) Mohamed. The 1st two games were fairly close, with Keith conceding 13 and 12 points respectively. Then the crafty Richard Branson lookalike really got into his stride, the youngster only getting 9 points. 3/0 up, so far so good!

Ø  JohAn was up next at #3 against (the young) ( dour) Franco in his first league match since March when he suffered a herniated cervical vertebra (again). The 1st game was no problem, JohAn conceding only 9 points. In the 2nd JohAn lost the plot. Before he knew what was happening, he was 3 – 8 behind! Fighting back with all he had, he lost the 2nd 13 – 15.  Realising what needs to be done, JohAn buttoned Franco down well conceding only 9 & 8 points respectively in the 3rd & 4th. 3/1 up & a match win!! No counting points tonight……………………

Ø  Finally, BAb was on at #4 against (the young) KevinBAb totally outplayed his opponent conceding only 4 and 5 points in the first two games respectively. Then BAb got tired/sore/lost concentration/was distracted (by someone’s (young) GF) and conceded a whopping 10 points in the 3rd3/0 up

Des marked, practising his skills having secured a 96% pass the last (????) Marking & Reffing course. We are proud of you Des. Now the rest of us need to do the same sometime next year………hahaha

Paddy had his favourite people (the Italians) out to contend withso was excused

John was sick, lame and/or lazy

Off to Mike’s Kitchen in Parktown for a burger (the five of us)

Overall result: Won 16 – 1 (our 1st win of the season!!!!!!!!!)