9th League vs. UJ

The much dreaded Chambers Spartans are on a roll. Bring em on. UJ is well below on the log, about half our score, so a easy peazy (or so it seems) game for the 9th.
First to play was Leslie. He was ready to rock and roll and it wasn’t long for him to suss out his opponent. Leslie played well and was all over the court.  Go Porra go.
Chambers - 3
UJ - 1

Second was Chris at number 4 spot. He played a much younger (hard hitting) student and went down (fighting). Aaag shame.
Chambers – 0
UJ - 3

Third was Andy. (had some peri peri chicken the night before) , but ready able and willing.  Now the legs was under pressure and you know when a woman is under pressure they hit out with red blotches in their necks, well Andy was hitting out pure white with red blotches around the eyes. The caring captain thought he was about to die, but needed the score so he let Andy play until the end. (good decision hey). Andy calculated the game well, the slower he played the more frustrated (and hitting hard and wild)  the opponent played. The plan came together and Chambers ended up.
Chambers – 3
UJ – 2

Lastly (but not least) was Kobus. Kobus took control early in the game and took an early lead. But then the game turned out into a power hitting match.  Bradley had a serve that nearly went through the wall, just to return the rocket was a miracle. Unfortunately Kobus could not stop this and with a gallant spirit he fought back. But unfortunately all his running behind that small ball did not cut and he went down.
Chambers – 1
UJ -3

So a sad evening for Chambers.
Chambers – 7 games
UJ – 9 games.

Overall result: Lost  7 - 11