6th A vs Old Eds

First game of the second round – Old Eds beat us on points last time round. Decided to mix things up a bit and get BigG to show us his potential by sending him in at 1.
On first at number 3 GG against Ian (the runner). First game was a bit of a ding dong affair but managed to win 15-11. Second game Ian turned on the screws and was 14-7 up when he realized this was too good to be true so he lost the next 9 in a trot (16-14) and I was up 2 games. Ian managed to win the next but I think that second game killed his spirits as I won the last 15-12. 3-1 to the good guys.

BigG against a substitute  - this was David and Goliath and BigG almost ran over his opponent 3 times in the first 6 points and this set the tone for the match. BigG never gave his opponent a chance, who did tell us that he played 2nd league vets and was therefore a handy opponent. Scores 15-13 15-7 15-11 to the good guys (3-0)

New number 2 on next GBow against Darryl – stormed in front then Darryl started chasing everything down and asking for a let if he could not get there. Lost first 12-15. It never got any better even though we reminded GBow that we only wanted a game to ensure a points count out. Lost the next two – 15-10 and 18-16 (did have a game point in this one) – so 0-3 to the bad guys Georges match cancelled out.

On at number 4 BoerG (with the tennis elbow) against wiley Dennis. First game Manie fights but goes down 9-15 and the team starts thinking about another close loss. Second game and the backhand kicks in Manie wins it 15-9. A good fight in the 3rd with Dennis winning 15-11. BigG does his sums and says Manie needs 9 points in the 4th to give us a points win. Manie battles it out giving Dennis a run for his money, gets the 9 points but now he is going for the game as well. Dennis hangs on for a few game points and eventually wins 20-18. Lost the game but won the war, 3-1 to the bad guys but we win by 5 points.

9-7 to the good guys.

Overall result: Won 9 - 7