Central Gauteng Lower Leagues Tournament 2013

For the Draw, please click here. Good Luck Everyone

Those players who haven’t paid the entry fee please do so at the first match.

Due to the number of players entered (now a fantastic 96), we have had to schedule some matches over weekends. If this is a problem we can make a plan nearer the time.

Some general rules of the tournament:

1.       Please arrive 15-20 minutes before your scheduled time as some matches will finish early.
2.       This is a social tournament so sportsmanship is compulsory.
3.       Losers of a match must mark the next match on their court (BIG incentive to win)
4.       No abuse of markers is allowed (without prior approval of the said marker)
5.       Fist-pumping is frowned upon (until late in the 5th game)

The tournament has got off to a flying start, with some great matches played – especially in the A section where 6 of the 7 matches played have been 5-setters.

Also in the B-section last night, Bruce and Herkie had a mammoth 5-setter with one game finishing 27-25.

Specially for Ian Caldwell – the cheap real ale is in place again at the bar courtesy of NAC Engineering (Ian really, really enjoyed this last year)

While I’m at it let me thank the sponsors of the tournament – Palmer Management Consulting, Ashbow Property Investments, Ants Project Management Training and Development and also Central Gauteng Squash.