6th B vs Suburbs

Injury and illness troubles persist, but with a little assistance from the 7th league in the form of dynamo Herkie, we were able to put up a team. We need to make it through to the mid-league break for some R&R.

First on was Bruce against Scott with Bruce playing despite the onset of flu. Scott was somewhat of a novice to league squash and could match Bruce’s intensity and characteristic tight boasts. There was some resistance in the second game, but ultimately Bruce cantered to a win and then on home to bed for some Med-lemon and chicken soup. Won 3-0.

Next up Mark made the brave (or foolish) call to take the number 1 spot against Kurt. First game was down, but Mark staged a revival in the second and we thought that he’d put enough pressure on Kurt’s fitness to force some errors. Play was of the argy-bargy type and there were intermittent calls imploring the marker to act on indiscretions – with mixed results. Aside from the calls though, Mark was finding it difficult to break through Kurt’s defences. Each length ball was somehow pulled back – often with a devastating boast effected from the tip of the opponent’s racquet. Despite firm resistance in the 4th game, Kurt came out as the winner. Lost 1-3.

Then Louis against Brynn. I missed the game, but it appears that it was fought down to the wire: 1 up, 1-1, 2-1, 2-2. Louis has been working hard on his game and the BMT is definitely starting to show. In the end the fitness and patience were probably decisive. The final game was very close, but victory was Louis’ and he ran away with it 15-13 in the fifth. Won 3-2.

Then Ritalin-requiring Herkie was up against Danny. Seems as if the entire surface area of the court was Herkie’s playground and he gobbled up the points leaving precious few for his opponent. Picked up everything and frustrated the pants off Danny (not literally). What a doddle – thanks for the help Herkie. Won 3-0.

Overall result: Won 13 - 5