10th league vs. Western rackets

Heaps of traffic on Ontdekkers forced a voyage of discovery through the side streets of Roodepoort and for the first time ever I arrived at WRWC (what does the second W stand for anyway?) without getting lost! Being the first Exile there, went on first and proceeded to lose yet again, having struggled to a 2 – 1 lead. Phil Norton went on next in another 5 set battle, also from a lead, but had a more successful outcome. Richard Lees started off with much promise but then seemed to lose focus. Finally Dylan Wallett made up for a ropey start to win in fine style.

Steph 2 – 3
Phil 3 – 2
Dylan 3 – 1
Richard 0 – 3

Match result: 8 – 11, another close one going the wrong way.