7th League vs Wits

My literary talents are nowhere near those of Mr Bullen (who apparently has an inordinate knowledge of Star Wars - a misspent youth - and a substantial amount of time to conjure up match reports during office hours). Nevertheless herewith the uneventful eveing:

Played Wits at home (current points after 6 games - 90 from 96)

Flip - 3-0 (his flowing locks were about the most interesting part of the game - Flip - the team can arrange a haircut)

Phil - 3-0 (clinical as usual)

Gavin G - 2-3 (his opponent found his twin ringer after the first game - a complete turnaround in skill levels)

Gavin B - 3-0

Result - 14- 3

Parkview appears to be the only challenge ahead???

Match result: 14-3.