9th League A vs. Wanderers

Two good wins in one night. 9A beat the Wanderers maintaining their 100% winning record. The reporter had not been to the Wanderers courts for 13 years and was impressed with the full glass court. The combination of the excessive, unexpected rain (what is happening to the South African weather patterns?) and the extreme cold he thought he was playing on the said court. Sheet ice, aka glass door, had to be chipped off prior to entering the court. He used the coldness to his advantage, spurred on by promotion up the order, only took his track suit off late in the third (a gesture to make the oppo feel not so bad) and only gave away (emphasis on gave!) 6 points to avoid a possible COTY nomination. Nic kept his 100% winning stat intact and eased passed his oppo after they arrogantly called for one in the second. Next was the intergalactic battle (excellent report back last week Colin) of the Alexander Forbes and Steinhoff financial managers. The furniture man won. Quote from our Bruce “I made 6 mistakes in the last game”. This must be creative accounting talk as in simple engineering talk it was 9 mistakes as he went down 9 nil! In the last match Paul participated in a Humdinga against their Bruce. What a Willy oops spellchecker bombed out should read Wally. Paul had 3 match points in the fourth. He put is demise down to lack of fitness and for such a young man this is criminal.
Reflecting the team spirit, the entire team pitched up and stand-downs George and Mark played to a 2-3 score line; the former having warmed up with a couple of bevies. Excellent cuisine was had and oh yes the other good win was England 3 Estonia 0.

Squash Commentary of the Week
It takes nine points to win a game, not seven! Nic’s encouraging, heartening and motivating quote to Bruce after his first game.

#1: Bruce lost to Wessel 0-3: 7-9, 2-9, 0-9
#2: Paul lost to Bruce 2-3: 3-9, 9-2, 9-2, 8-10, 7-9
#3: Michael beat Louis 3-0: 9-0, 9-3, 9-3
#4: Nic beat Gavin 3-0: 9-3, 9-8, 9-5

Match score: 10-6