11th LEAGUE vs Wanderers

After a “false start” at home and a hasty transfer to Wanderers …, our 11th league result as follows:

Nigel Morgan won 3-2 (10-8 in 5th)

Phil Alves won 3-0

Greg Erasmus lost 0-3

Roger Johnson won 3-1

And in more detail (2nd author):

It seems that this year there is no shortage of COTY nominations and this week was no exception. If ever a COTY candidate jumped up and down waving a big flag sporting the logo “Pick me, pick me!!” it was captain Roger Johnson this week. The team arrived at the Chamber courts looking forward to giving Wanderers a royal hiding on home turf, only to find that we were actually playing away. Now in danger of forfeiting the game for late arrival, some Alonso-esque driving skills were shown to get to the Wanderers club. Thankfully, the opposition team was still there and, in gratitude for their patience, we proceeded to punish them on the courts.

Greg playing in the number 3 position was up first and proved that the early bird catches the tin, judging his drops so finely that they actually went below the line. He never really got into his game and went down 0 – 3.

Nigel went on next playing at number 1 and wrapped up the first game in a couple of minutes. His opponent came back strongly and took the next two game with little effort. Fear retribution from a captain who threatened him with knee-capping, Nigel pulled himself together and won the next two games, the final game 10-8 after being 8-4 down.

Meanwhile Phil cleaned up his opposite number 2 on the court next door with a 3 – 0 whipping. Phil doesn’t believe in hanging about on court and prefers the luxury of the gallery.

Captain Roger played at number 4 under the assumption that he had to win well to pull the team through (other games were still in progress). And win well he did with some crafty lobs and drops. He gave his opponent a smidgen of hope, gifting him one game. But it was the same kind of hope that Federer had of squeezing out a French Open victory i.e. a hope that faded quickly when cpt. Johnson got rolling. Roger took the match 3 – 1.

Despite our late arrival and clear superiority on the courts, the guys at Wanderers took us out for a great meal at Lai-Lai Gardens. Alas, it wasn’t a house of ill-repute, but rather a Chinese restaurant (Crispy Beef is recommended).

Final result won 12 -6