9th League A vs. Southern Suburbs

Entertained the mighty Southern Suburbs at home last night --- and humbled them !

But first some well deserved COTY nominations:

First to the snot snivelling 9th "b" captain Peter Fillmore and his entire team for showing no respect to their seniors and taking court 2 ahead of us.

Secondly to Phil Piper captain of 10th league and his entire team for the same reason and taking court 1.

On the credit side court 5, where we ended up, is a lot closer to the pub. On the debit side, we had 12th leaguers Bob Lees and his merry band of reprobates next door on court 4. Crichton, Swiegers, Ferrington, Crossman ...... God help us and enough said. It was total chaos.

Thirdly to Roger Johnson who led his whole 11th side astray by pitching at home with the entire outfit only to learn they were actually away at Wanderers !

But back to the business at hand.

On first at no 2 went Doc Paul Fallon. Yes, the one and the same Fallon who won best league record two years ago. And who again took no prisoners. A straight, clean and clinical demolition job. Wham bam thank you mam. 3 - 0 and 27 -- 7 in the making.

Followed up by no 1 Bruce hard working Bydawell. Folks, this was an amazing match, to be true. Our Bruce got clobbered in the 1st 0 -9 and not much better the 2nd, 2- 9. Despair in the camp was setting in. So back he bounced with a brilliant rear guard action 9 - 7 up in the third but only to succumb 7 - 9 in the 4th. The result however doesnt reflect the match. So come down and have a grand stand seat on any Wed night. 1 -- 3 down.

I drew lots with Nick Pappa for the no 4 spot. I won. Had a very shaky start 2 -- 9 down followed by a fair bit of exercise in meeting out revenge for Bruce 3 -- 1.

Nick Pappa finshed off the evening in fine style in front of 9th "b", 10th, !2th and all their opponents. Chamber was alive to much noise and alcohol. A rowdy affair. Certainly no place for a gentleman. He made a gallant effort amid the shouting and screaming.. He lost 1 --3.

So down tumble the mighty Suburbs 10 -- 7 overall.

7 wins out of 7 so far and on we march.

Match score: 10-7